Test : See how much does your cat loves You.

5 signs to know that your Cat loves you + TEST :

Cats are small domestic mammal animals, there are two kinds of cats, house cats; cats which live, interact with human, and feral cats; this kind is avoiding people and they live either in streets or forests. There are about 60 categories, cats giving birth to us as much as they give birth to their kind.

Cats are very skilled in hunting small animals, such as birds, mouse, and rats using its flexible body, cat’s teeth (that are very sharp), and speed. Cats rescue its life hunting some dangerous animals like; snakes, scorpions, and big rats. Although cats are carnivorous, and hunter, but they can still live with families in peace, and harmony, cats sleeping in sofas, beds, and kitchen and share love with family, and this is our topics for today which is: How much does your cut love you?

 The average age of cats is between 13 years to 19 in some cases. Catloves its owner and it can recognize you just from your visage, voice and characteristics, and it can also know if you are sad or happy just from the way you talk. Cats are that kinds of animal which love playing either among their species or with human. Cats use different way of communications like; trilling, grunting, hissing, and other forms of meowing.

What is really special about cats is their body language which is similar to human. Cats use it to express feelings, requests, and needs. For example cats near memeans it needs to eat or something from me, tail-raising means greetings, and firmed ears indicates aggression, and there are other signs, and cats also bring gifts to their accompany.

We will try to show you how to know that your cat really lovesyou, if she does these things it absolutely means that it cares about you: 

1- First sign is cats rub its body with yours:cats express love by touching, or jostling things they love, and when your cat touches you, it means that it loves you so much because of your great corporation.  Since cats care and distinguish smells that is why they rub you to left their smell on you in order to recognize you, and to make you part of them. 

2 – Second sign is cats bring you gifts: it seems weird but this actually happen, you do not just take attention to those behaviours. Sometimes cats hunt a mouse or maybe a bird, and they bring it to you. Yeah they really do this because cats are just like human as I mentioned before they expressed love by bringing gifts. Prey has value therefor they bring it you.

3 – Third sign is cats are sitting on your foot or somewhere in front of you: Cats love sitting when they want to take a rest, they sleep in the places when they feel more comfortable and as an expressing cats unlimited love they sleep or they sit beside you that is why you usually find your cat is sleeping in your bed.

4 – Fourth sign is cats are using eyes as a body language to express love: this is the big sign used by cats to show loveand loyalty to their owner. Have you ever seen your cat look at and close its eyes, if the answer is yes, this absolutely means that your cat loves too much, because cats close and open their eyes to send a kiss.

5 – Fifth Sign isCats bubble:this behavior is a cats gymnasticto feel comfortable and relief, but most of us are getting upset of this sound, cats are always bubbling when they sleep beside us and sometimes we think that the cat will attack us, but this is wrong because cats feel safe in our house therefore they sleep comfortably and they make that sound which is weird and sometime scary.

Cats reflex our behaviors, if we love them they will loveus as well, if we did not they will ignore us and they will attack us to express their anger. We will try to cover more information about cats in the coming articles. Such as the explanation if the way of communications they use and when, and also what kind of food they like and what kind they hate like cats lactose intolerant, and how they like.

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