10 Hiden Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Selena Gomez

Discover the top 10 facts about the artist Selena gomez in this article

Fact 1 :

Selena Gomez is a mom to 6 rescue puppies! Her series consists of: Chazz , Baylor Fina, Chip, Willie , and Wallace . She sincerely followed Baylor, an cute husky blend, at the same time as on a journey to Canada with Bieber. “We went to a refuge only for amusing … and we saw this adorable, lovely puppy,” she explained. “I actually felt like he said my call. So, I had to have him.”

Fact 2 :

Selena Gomez commenced performing at the age of seven, back in the ones days she featured with big red dinosaur named Barney on ‘Barney & buddies’.

She admitted in 2008 that as a child she knew nothing approximately performing and became pretty shy and that she discovered a lot from Barney.

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Fact 3 :

Everytime before performing Selena Gomez protects her voice by taking a olive oil swig.

Fact 4 :

Selena most favorite holidays is The Halloween. Green is Her favorite color . She likes Horror movies and the mango is her favorite fruit. Basketball is Her favorite sport ever. ‘Paramore’ is her favorite band.

Fact 5 :

She has sung some of songs for her personal and feature films. She recorded four songs for ‘Wizards of Waverly vicinity’. and recorded three songs for the soundtrack of ‘every other Cinderella story’. Selena sang a track for ‘Princess safety application’. That become a duet together with her best buddy Demi Lovato.

Fact 6 :

Gomez launched in October 2008 her own company for production called “July Moon Productions” , and made a partnership with XYZ Films.

Fact 7 :

Selena used to wear a purity ring that said “true love waits,” but it has disappeared from her finger since she started dating Justin Bieber.

Fact 8 :

Selena and Justin bieber had a rocky on-and-off relationship from 2010, when the rumors they were dating started, to their end in 2018. Shortly after, Bieber went on to marry Hailey Baldwin in 2019.

Fact 9 :

The star surely has some weird tastes as she loves pickles and wants to invent a pickle flavored gum.

Fact 10 :

In the Cannes festival 2019 in France, Selena Gomez says she will marry her 68-year-old co-star Bill Murray.

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