3 Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger in 4 Minutes

How to get a big Butt in 4 Minutes of Training!

Exercise 1 with tips
Exercise 2 with tips
Exercise 3 with tips

If you have a small butt , you might wishing to make it bigger for many reasons. There are many tips and ways to make your butt bigger and in this post we come with the easiest way is to exercise only from home to have the shape you want .
All you can do lady is exercising from home , and bellow all the necessary exercises :

Every day you do 3 sets of two to three minutes, with 1 minute of rest after each set . Thus, all training should not last longer than 11 minutes. Be sure to take rest days as your muscles need time to restore and do it at least 4 time a week.

Exercise 1 : Make Your Butt Bigger in 4 Minutes

3 Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger
Exercise 1 : how to Make Your Butt Bigger

In this exercise you put your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight, and do squats by stretching your arms forward. Stand on your whole toes and keep up.that’s the right way.

Tip :

During this exercise, focus your attention on the movement of the bones of the pelvis. Also it’s very important not to lean forward, keep your eyes level with your arms and back straight.
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