5 signs to know that your dog really loves you

We all know that dogs are the first domestic species, it has a long term relationship with human, and we always see this in movies, written stories, and dogs cartons.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, and love most stories that we’ve seen, and read are based on how much dogs love human, and how loyal they are. As an example of their loyalty, most of us watched the Japanese movies, which based on a real story of an old man who have had a shop, and dog.

That dog is always go with the old man to his shop, by train, but one day the old man died, but his dog still waiting for him in front of the shop, dog life cycle in one place until he died as well, for his loyalty, the villages made a statue for the dog walker in the place when he used to wait for the old man. This is how dogs express their love.

In most cases we find that our dogs love us, but the problem is that instead of sharing love with them, we made this: Dog abuse is an evil action made by us, instead of sharing love with them.

To avoid this, we will show you 5 signs that your dog loves you to avoid abusing him. Dogs are smart animals, they use body language to express, feelings, needs, and request, and so this is the signs that we are going to use today to show you that your dog loves you, so you should do the same.

1-First sign is Dog is getting excited when we return home:

This is the first and big sign that show dog’s emotions, especially love, once we return home, the first one who will express his happiness, and greetings is the dog, by moving around, jumping, and tail wagging. Actually it is similar to human, most of children do the same, greetings, happiness, and jumping around.

2-Second sign is Dogs smiling:

Yeah, it is weird but, actually, it is real and the proof is the dog teeth, you will think that he is going to bit you, but in fact he is smiling and expressing his happiness for being with you. Opening mouth is a dog expression reflected by his brain to show how important you are, and how much they love you.

3-Third sign is yawning:

It is actually a human habit, and it is contagious. It is contagious, since we use it to express empathy, and we automatically yawn when the person we love yawns. Dogs yawning is just like dog vomiting. They use it just for the same purpose, once they see us yawning they will yawn as well, to express empathy, and empathy is a sign of love.

4-Fourth sign is Dos Wags his tail:

Wagging tail may have different signs, sometimes it reflects love, and other times it reflect aggression, but neuroscientists made experiments by using cameras, to show us the different signs of tail, and how to recognize each one.

. If you have cats, you can know if your cat loves you by reading this signs.

They have found that when the dog wagging tail strongly, and highly it means that the dog is about to bit or fight. On the other hand wagging a tail smoothly, and slowly is sign of showing love gratitude. Waging is also a sign of requesting for more care, especially in dog allergies case.

5-Fifth sign is direct eye contact:

Sometimes, we notice that our dogs are staring, and we wonder why. Simply just because, they can’t speak and instead they use body language, and staring is a sign of love, and admiration, it is mostly used by human. Dogs use it to express their relief, and happiness.

Dogs become a sign of love, and loyalty and there a lot of proverbs and idioms about them, and also dog emoji which expresses feelings. Dogs are similar to cats in many things, both live with us, both use body language, and both love us, and also dog food, is quit the same with cat food, but different in others.

. If you have cats, you can know if your cat loves you by reading this signs.

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